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Find cheap private number plates for up to £99
cheap private number plates up to £99
You can get a private number plate cheap - you just need to know what to look for. Just because you're on a budget, it doesn't mean you can't have one that looks good.
We've got some suggestions for a private number plate that won't break the bank:
Irish private number plates are cheap
Our first choice for the cheapest private number plates are Irish number plates. They start from as little as just £89, making them the cheapest number plates around.
As well as being cheap, these private number plates have an added plus - they can be transferred to any car, whatever its age.
Letter combinations that make a name, such as KAZ or GIL are a little more expensive. But others, such as TIL and UEZ are very good value, and can hide the age of the car.
Dateless cheap private number plates
Dateless number plates can also be a good choice if you want a private number plate cheap. These start from around £800 for less common letters (such as WSV or OJY) with 3 numbers. Again these can be put on any car, regardless of its age. They look good, and can hide the age of the car.
Prefix private number plates are cheap too
If Irish or dateless number plates don't appeal, there are some very good cheap prefix number plates. You can keep the cost down by choosing a number plate with 3 digits, such as N569 ROW. There's a lot more choice with prefix style number plates, but the most popular ones (like short names such as BEN or ANG) will still be expensive.
Cheap suffix private number plates
The last option for a cheap private number plate is a suffix number plate. Some suffix number plates can be picked up for as little as £200-300, for less popular letter combinations. But again, if you're after name then you'll need to dig deeper.
In the end, though, if you want a private number plate that's cheap... you need to look at the letters you're going for, and just how many of them are available to buy. You may need to apply a bit of imagination, and compromise on the final choice.
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