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What is a dateless number plate?
Number plates were first issued in 1903. The number of vehicles on the road had started to increase, and it had become difficult to trace the cars involved if an incident occurred. More about number plate history.
The first registration number issued in 1903 was A1.
Early registration numbers did not have a 'year identifier' like they do now. This is why the are referred to as dateless registrations. The UK was divided into regions, and letter combinations were allocated to each area. The registration numbers were simply issued as they were needed.
No one had envisaged there would be as many cars on the road as there are today. Areas that were more densely populated ran out of registrations more quickly. As the number of cars increased, more letters and numbers were added.
By the early 1960's, many areas were running out of letter / number combinations. So, in 1963 the format of the number plate changed, and a 'year identifier' was introduced as the last letter on the number plate. This format became known as the suffix style number plate.
What does a dateless registration number look like?
How do you know if your registration number is a dateless registration?
Dateless number plates are made up of up to 3 letters, followed by up to 4 digits. Here are some examples of dateless number plates:
Dateless number plate RS 3456Dateless number plate UXN 974
Some dateless registrations may have the digits first, followed by letters. Like this:
 Dateless number plate 34 PMJ
Are dateless number plates worth anything?
On the whole, yes. Dateless registrations are sought after because they have no year identifier. Even letters which are not common initials (such as F, X, and Y) have some appeal. They're popular because they can be used to disguise the age of a car. And there's a certain 'cudos' to dateless registrations as they are more eye-catching.
How much is a dateless registration worth?
The value of a dateless registration number depends on the letters and digits. Dateless registrations can be worth from around a few hundred pounds to 10,000's - and more. Registration number M1 sold recently for over 300,000 !
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