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Choosing DVLA number plates is the first step. 

Whatever the letter combinations you're after, we have 1000's DVLA number plates for sale. Once you've decided what you want and you're ready to buy we'll help get it transferred to your car (or other vehicle) for you. 

DVLA number plates on your car

When you buy DVLA number plates, it doesn't automatically get transferred to your car. The car has to be re-registered with the DVLA under that new registration number. That means changes to the DVLA's computer database...and all your documents need to be replaced too. That includes your tax disc, MoT Certificate, and V5C Registration Document (also known as the log-book). 

That means filling in the appropriate DVLA forms (which can vary depending on your situation), and getting everything submitted for you. And getting replacement documents showing the new registration number.

Transfer your DVLA number plates for free

Unlike other companies, The Plate Market does not charge for transferring your DVLA number plates to your car. All we ask is you buy your number plates from us, and there's no admin charge* for getting your car re-registered under the new number.

The DVLA Assignment fee still applies.

Not ready to transfer your DVLA number plate?

Not a problem. In most cases.

In the majority of cases, we can supply you with a Certificate for your DVLA number plate. And you can transfer it later. You do need to watch out for the expiry date on the DVLA Certificate though - and transfer it before it expires. You'll have full instructions so you'll know what to do when you're ready to transfer the number plate to your car.

Number plates have been issued by the DVLA (previously DVLC) for over a century. All numbers are made up of letters and numbers, though the combination and format has changed over the years. From the first dateless number plates to the [new style] released in 2001. Youíll find all the information in our number plate styles overview.

DVLA number plates were issued according to areas Ė each area having its own letter code. Itís still like that today, though the increasing popularity of [private number plates] means many are not issued according to area codes.

All number plates should be displayed to DVLA rules, or thereís a risk of a fine or even the registration plates being confiscated. The enforcement of the rules is getting stronger with the increasing use of ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) cameras for the management of congestion charges and in speed cameras.

DVLA number plates supplied by theplatemarket.com

theplatemarket.com only supplies legal number plates. That means they must be spaced according to the rules, and the letters or numbers cannot be distorted to make registration plates look like a word. They will also carry our makerís ID and postcode (as required by law).