What's a number plate Retention Certificate?

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Let's talk about the DVLA V778 number plate Retention Document....


A number plate Retention Document can also be referred to as a Retention Certificate or as DVLA document V778.

A retention certificate allows you to own the rights to a registration number without having it assigned to a vehicle.
Here's an eample of a DVLA Retention Document V778
The certificate will show the name of the Grantee Ė this the person who owns the rights to the registration mark. There may also be a name in the Nominee section.
What is a V778 Retention Document used for?
Under the DVLA Retention Scheme, the DVLA allows you to remove a registration number from a vehicle, without assigning it to another vehicle.

This can be very convenient if you are changing cars. If youíre selling your vehicle, but havenít yet purchased another one, you can put your private registration number on retention. You can then assign the registration number to your new vehicle when youíre ready.

It can also be convenient if youíre planning to sell the registration mark, or if you own more than one registration number.

Anything else about Retention Document?
Be aware that the V778 Retention Document only lasts for 12 months. But you can renew it each year.
Itís important not to let the Retention Certificate expire, as you will lose the right to the registration number. The DVLA will usually send you a reminder a few weeks before the Retention Certificate is due to expire. But you should not rely on it. If you have a registration number on retention make a note in your diary to renew it within the last 28 days before the certificate is due to expire.

DVLA fees: number plate Retention Scheme

You should note that the DVLA charges fees to

  • place a registration number on to a Retention Certificate
  • renew the certificate
  • make changes to the certificate (such as adding a Nominee)
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