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Number plate valuations are free

You can find out how much your number plate is worth - quickly and easily. Just send us the details of the registration number, and we will send you a valuation.
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Don't have facebook? No problem.
Use the form to request a valuation for your registration number plate. Tell us if there are any special associations with your registration number, as we will not always spot it!
There is no charge for number plate valuations. And, unlike other websites, we will not advertise your number plate for sale just because you ask us to value it.

Can I get a number plate valuation over the phone?

Sorry, no.
Free number plate valuations are only available via the form below. We receive 100's requests each day, so we are not able to provide valuations over the phone.

What happens when I ask for a valuation?

A highly experienced person looks at every request. You will receive an email when your valuation is ready.
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How long does a number plate valuation take?

Wherever possible, we will endeavour to respond to your number plate valuation request within 3-4 working days. You will receive a suggested price for the sale of your registration number.
All private number plate valuations are sent by e-mail. If you have not received a valuation within 5 working days, please check your junk folder.

Why does it take several days to get a cherished number plate valuation?

Unlike other number plate companies, we value every number plate in person, so you get an accurate guide.
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I've got several number plates - how can I get valuations?

On the whole, free valuations are limited to one per customer. If you have several, and need help in selling them we will do this on request. Add the rest of your registration numbers in the comments section and we will contact you.

Why is a number plate valuation from The Plate Market different?

Once you have received the suggested selling price, you can either use our Managed Service or Self-Service to sell your private number plate.

Do The Plate Market buy number plates direct?

Yes. We do buy some registration number plates for our stock. If you would like us to make an offer, please add this to the comments section on the valuation form.
If you wish to sell direct to us, it is likely you will receive a trade value, which is significantly less than retail value.

Want to know more about cherished number plate valuation?

We suggest you do some research when deciding your asking price. You will find more information in How much is my personal number plate worth? There are a lot of factors that affect the value of a number plate. We've outlined the main ones, to help you understand some of the things we consider when we value your cherished registration number.

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*** Sorry, free valuations not available over the phone ***
Please remember: Any advice (or guide price) given by The Plate Market, whether written or verbal, is for your guidance only and does not constitute a formal contract.