Chris Evans dream car…

Chris Evans‘ little purchase last weekend has been reported all over the internet… so I won’t go into all the in’s and out’s here. Save to say…. respect! The Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spyder… in its original Nero Black…. gorgeous little car. Chris… my hat off to you.

I’m always curious to guage people’s reactions to such extravagances…. expecting the usual outpouring of scorn. I was pleasantly surprised to find that, apart from the occasional comment along the lines of “..idiot…”, the majority of responses were very supportive. Phrases like “… great to see the car go to a Brit…” and “...if you’ve got the cash, why not?” seem to predominate.

In contrast, the overall reaction to similar sums spent on a personal number plate has been quite scathing. Even Afzal Kahn’s relatively modest purchase of personal number plate F1 at 441k attracted many negative comments.

Chris Evans himself, of course, is beside himself with excitement. “… I was on cloud nine, ten and eleven yesterday…” says Chris on his blog.

Why do we buy personal number plates

Love them. Hate them. But personal number plates are more popular than ever. It’s no longer the preserve of the rich – though the most exclusive number plates do fetch 5-figure sums+.

With the release of previously unissued number plates into the market, the DVLA transformed the landscape. Making registration numbers affordable for everyone, from as little as £250.

But what’s the appeal? After all, it’s just a number plate on a car… isn’t it?

Well, no…. to many of us, our car registration number is a lot more than a rectangular piece of plastic with letters and numbers on it.

Not everyone chooses a personal number plate for the same reasons though…. so why do we buy them? Here are 3 main reasons:

  1. Hide the age of a car
    Dateless registration numbers or Irish number plates are usually most popular if you’re hiding the age of your vehicle. Though prefix number plates are now a
    good choice too.

  2. Expressing a personality
    Whether it’s a job or a hobby, or just a bold statement. Words like sexy or hot are popular words for registration numbers.
  3. Just pure vanity!
    Let’s face it… we’re just simply vain. Hence the term vanity plates. And why not? What’s wrong with a little vanity?

For thousands of car drivers personalised number plates are a prize possession; a statement of individuality in a world of faceless conformity, and a neat investment.

To others though they’re an ostentatious waste of cash; a self-aggrandising statement of ego over commonsense” comments the BBC on personal number plates.

Whatever the reason for buying a personal number plate, there are plenty around…. whatever your budget.