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What is a suffix number plate?
Suffix style number plates were introduced in 1963. This was because the number of cars on the road was continuing to grow fast, and many areas were running out of the dateless registration numbers.
For the first time, the registration number included a 'year identifier' at the end (hence the term suffix registration) to indicate the year the vehicle was registered. This meant that the letter / number combinations could be used again the following year, with a different suffix letter. Some letters were excluded from the number plates, such as Q, O, and Z.
The suffix style number plate continued until 1983, when we ran out of letters for the suffix. This is when the prefix style number plate was introduced.
What does a suffix style registration look like?
How do you know if your registration number is a suffix number plate?
Suffix number plates follow the format of 3 letters, up to 3 digits, followed by a (year identifier) letter. Here are some examples of suffix style number plates:
Dateless number plate RS 3456 Dateless number plate UXN 974
Are suffix number plates worth anything?
The answer to that depends very much on the letters, and number of digits. If the letters spell a name, or are common initials, then it's very likely the number plate will be of some value.
Suffix number plates are less common, simply because most of them were lost when the vehicles they belonged to were scrapped. Personalised number plates were not as popular then as they are now.
How much is a suffix registration worth?
The value of a suffix registration number depends on the letters and digits themselves. If the letters make a recognisable name or word, then it will have some value. Suffix registrations can range in value, from just 100, up to 10,000's.
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