Why sell your number plate privately?

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Sell a number plate privately, and save on commission fees

When you come to sell a registration number, you have two main options:
yellow arrowsell your number plate privately or
yellow arrowsell your number plate through a dealer
Why sell a number plate privately? Simple....no middle man, so more money in your pocket! Here's a typical example:


Dealer selling price


Typical commission fee*




Money in your pocket


The Plate Market

Private selling price


Commission fee


Advertising fees**


Transfer fee (optional)


Money in your pocket


*Based on average commission fees.
**Based on 1 year advertising fees. Includes VAT
That's 337.86 more in your pocket!
Did you know.......???
The average dealer commission will pay for 15 years' advertising on The Plate Market......yes, 15 years!
Where's the catch?
There isn't one!
We all know that when we sell a car privately, we get a better price. Selling a private number plate is no different. There's no middle man, so no dealer commission.
NO commission.  NO set-up fees.  NO hidden costs.
Be safe. Be secure.
Selling a number plate privately is simple and secure, when it's backed up by a professional number plate transfer service.
Use a secure number plate transfer service to complete the private number plate sale for you. When you have agreed the private sale of your number plate, The Plate Market can complete the transfer for you including taking payment from the buyer on your behalf.
What to do now.... 
If you have one or more personal number plates for sale, advertise here on The Plate Market. Follow our step-by-step guide to selling a number plate ....nothing could be simpler!
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