21st birthday number plates bring tears

Mum brings son to tears with private number plates for 21st

We had this wonderful email from a customer who recently bought a private number plate from us:

Just quick hello and to let you know my son loved the plate on his 21st , he actually started crying !!!! ............... totally true !

He had been asking me from the minute he got home from his holiday what his present was , on the day  of his birthday meal he drove me insane wanting his present , at the meal he eventually got  to open his gift  in front of everyone and found a clothes airer box had a hissy moment thinking that was his gift to look inside and find lots of tissue paper and finally his private plate .................... he was absolutely stunned , he couldn't believe it and started crying ............ that's a memory that will last a lifetime..

Rhys had his plate put on the car that afternoon ( as you had posted tax disc etc day before so brilliant timing ) and i haven't stopped hearing about it since .

I cant thank you enough for your help , service and for making the process sooo easy .

I added a review today which i hope will help people choose your service .

Thanks you again , a very happy customer


Thanks Michelle....for such an enthusiastic email.

I'm very glad your gift made your son very happy, and created a long-lasting memory for both of you. And we love that we were a small part of that :) :) :)

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