ANN number plate will be cool on a Porsche

At the risk of this coming across as blatant advertising, I think this ANN number plate is pretty cool. And I don't need to point out the Porsche connection! I liked it so much, I felt it was worth mentioning. It belongs to lady who has owned it for more than 40 years. And now this ANN number plate is for sale. But it's the story behind this registration that's just fab. Unlike you might expect , this registration number has never been anywhere near a Porsche. In fact, it's spent much of its time on a different car altogether - a 1972 Ford Escort. And it's even had a spell on a motorbike. The Ford Escort was a prize for Daily Mail's 'Woman Driver of the Year'. And shortly after winning this prize, this lady's husband bought her the registration number 911 ANN, which originally came from a Wolseley. And there it's stayed for 40 years. "I've been stopped so many times by people who've wanted to buy my number plate" Ann said. "I've really enjoyed having it." Private number plates like this one are few and far between. I love it, and I'm sure whoever buys this registration number will love it too.

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