Is anyone with a personalised number plate an idiot?

Are personalised number plates worth a debate?

A few days ago Jeremy Vine on BBC Radio 2 started a debate entitled "Is anyone with a personalised number plate an idiot?". A provocative question clearly designed to get a reaction, whichever side of the "fence" you're on.

But does it really matter?

Predictably, we're going to be pro personalised number plates. And I've spoken to many who just simply don't "get" them. And that's OK too. But is it really worth valuable national air-time debating such a trivial subject? It's like debating whether it's OK to wear designer clothes or have tattoos.

Here's a comment written by one of our Facebook Page fans (Kirk):

I'd say's very much the same as wearing earrings or having tat's...expression of ones individuality. Those that disagree simply restrict their expression to the confines of their own environments and peer norms out of don't see many people wearing simple plain clothing (even in North Korea these days)...everyone wants and has to express something.

So it's just another way to express ourselves... isn't it? We all like to be individuals, don't we? That's the basis on which most of us choose our clothes, cars, home decor,  to name but a few. Including those who feel it their right to express their dislike of personalised number plates in the most colourful language I've ever heard! Really?!! I question how much of your 'dislike' is genuine, and how much is just the good old-fashioned green-eyed monster?

Here's another comment from our Facebook Page:

Definitely a bit of fun. Had mine now for 7 years & I love it. Been offered a lot more than I paid for it .... but its MINE & I wanna keep it!!

It's a bit of fun. It's just one way of expressing ourselves.

So come one people... if you don't like personalised number plates..fine. That's up to you. You make your own choices. But don't be so hypocritical. Find something more worthwhile to get vocal about. As my nephew would say: "Take a Chill Pill...and get a life!"

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