Brands boosted by number plates

What's in a name?

Personal number plates are no longer just for private cars.

More and more businesses are using registration numbers to reinforce their brand image. And it's not just big businesses. The small ones are doing it too. Company name is the obvious choice, of course. Like JAS for builder's merchant John A Stephens. All their lorries have a JAS number plate.

But it's not just restricted to the company name. A little imagination and a sense of humour comes in handy too. We suggest you expand your thinking a little - it'll make people sit up & take notice. And they'll remember. Pick a theme for your number plate, and go with it. But make sure there's plenty of scope if you're expecting to have lots of vehicles.... remember to think ahead.

There's no doubt personalised number plates make a statement. And customers respond.
Registration numbers enhance the graphics on fleet vans, or add a brand on an otherwise ordinary vehicle. Like it or not.... it's happening.

If they make me smile, they work. Quirky number plates are memorable. So go on.... flex your humour muscle and have a little fun. Here are some number plate ideas.

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