BRZ Irish number plate for Subaru?

Subaru BRZ will push up demand for this Irish number plate

The new Subaru BRZ was launched here in the UK this year. And it caused a bit of a stir in the world of private number plates too.

Like many car makes and models before it, the BRZ will affect demand for number plates with these letters.

Right now BRZ number plates are among the cheapest number plates around. Many are Irish number plates, and at the moment they start from just £89. There’s not a lot of demand for the letter combination, and there are quite a few around. So prices are low.

There’s also the choice of the BRZ on a current style number plate issued since 2001. Though my personal choice would be to go for the Irish number plate.

It's quite common for a combination of letters and numbers to become popular when a particular model of car (or other vehicle) is launched. For example, the BMW X5 pushed up the demand (and the price!) of the most popular prefix style registration numbers beginning with "X5". And similarly, the Peugeot RCZ. For Subaru, the letter combination WRX is pretty popular too, and the Mitsubishi FTO.

My reticence with adding a private number plate that reflects the model of the car, though...? Well... what happens when you change the car you own? Somehow the letters "BMW" don't quite work on an Audi....


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