Car thieves avoid personalised number plates

Personalised number plates get a car noticed

When a thief steals your car, he doesn’t want to be noticed. A personalised number plate makes the car stand out, and they’re usually more memorable than a standard number plate.

So if someone sees the car they’re more likely to remember it. Which is not what the thief wants.

Here are some tips to deter the potential car thief:

  1. Turn the wheels towards the car next to you, which makes it harder for the thief to drive it away quickly.
  2. Hide car keys when they’re in the house. Many thieves burgle a house just to get the car keys.
  3. Park on the drive if you have one. Or preferably in the garage. Thieves prefer to steal from public roads
  4. Drive forwards onto your drive, forcing a possible thief to reverse it.
  5. Personalise the car. If a number plate is not your thing, then maybe some flowery stickers or fluffy toys (if you like that kind of thing!). My niece has painted her alloys pink… pretty sure the thief won’t be too keen on that!

If, after all that, your car is stolen… and it has a personalised number plate on it, make sure you act quickly to retain the number plate. Take a look at our guide what to do with a private number plate if your car is stolen.

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