Cheeky number plate humour

Number plate spotting

It seems lots of you have been out spotting number plates… and putting the photos online. We’ve got a stack of them in our number plate photo library, but I’ve picked out these favourites along a particularly cheeky theme of plumbing and loos!

I’ve seen lots of photos of the Pimlico Plumbing vans in London of course. They’re eye-catching, and the company is well known for displaying some great number plates. But it seems other plumbers and similar companies are getting into them too.

With the obvious number plates like names and words being in high demand, prices are high. So it takes a little imagination to come up with something affordable but creative at the same time. And if you’re a company with a fleet of vans or lorries it’s a good idea to build up a collection of them and keep the theme going.

Number plates are increasingly used to add to a company’s brand.

These are just some of the clever number plates that are out and about on our roads right now. I love them for their cheek. Do they work for you?


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