Different types of UK car number plates

Clear the confusion over car number plates in the UK

The different formats of UK number plates can have some people in a state of complete confusion. Over the years, the DVLA have changed the layout of car number plates, to deal with the growing number of vehicles on our roads. Simply because... we ran out of combinations!

And that causes a lot of confusion when someone is looking to buy a private car number plate. The early dateless number plates are the most exclusive… everyone wants those. They look good, and can go on any vehicle because there’s nothing to give away the age of the car. They’re old too, only issued up until 1963. So they’re not the cheapest private number plates to buy.

There are other types of car number plates in the UK though. We have suffix styleprefix style, and current style number plates. And if you’re comparing number plate prices, then you can’t compare number plates that are of different styles. Even if they have the same letters.

We’re always asked:

“Why does the price of car number plates vary so much?”

There are usually a whole bunch of factors that go into the price of a number plate for sale. If the letters are the same, but the price is hugely different, it's probably the style of number plate is probably the biggest part of difference. But it also depends on the letters themselves. Some letter combinations can be rare. And some combinations of letters are in high demand because they’re common initials.

And that’s before we look into whether there’s a name or word that’s in there.

So take all these things into account when looking into buying a personalised car number plate.

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