DVLA Auction offers more prestigious number plates for sale

This week sees another DVLA Auction of personalised number plates. The DVLA auction again offers a number of highly sought after personalised number plates for sale directly to the public.

Amongst the prestigious registration numbers offered this month are 1 D, with a reserve of £20,000. Though it's likely to sell for much more than the reserve, considering registration number 1 O sold at the last auction for an eye-popping £210,000. Keeping it company in the DVLA auction catalogue is registration number 2 O (with a reserve of £8,000).

If your budget doesn't quite stretch to £10,000's, you may want to take a look at some interesting alternatives - such as HU57 LER (reserve of just £1,000), or KUR 7T (just £500)...and 1600 other registration numbers also up for sale. Bear in mind that these are reserve prices - the final selling price of these registration numbers plates could be much higher. There's no way of predicting the final hammer price. And don't forget to add on the vat, and buyer's premium.

The DVLA holds 6 auctions each year, bringing in around £4m at each auction. The next auction will take place over 3 days, starting 25th March 2009. It takes place at Ardencote Manor Hotel and Country Club, Claverdon, Warwick. Take a look at the DVLA Auction catalogue. You can grab a catalogue free of charge and register to bid if something catches your eye. You can either attend the auction yourself (and experience the buzz of the auction!)...or, if that's not an option you can choose to bid by phone, or even live on the Internet. If you can get to the auction, though, I highly recommend it...it's quite an experience to watch the bids coming in for some of the more sought after registration number plates.

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