DVLA number plate auction

Yep - it's that time again. The next DVLA auction of personalised number plates is around the corner. It takes place at Wychwood Park, Weston Crewe, Cheshire CW2 5GP, from Wed 3rd - Fri 5th June 2009.

Click here for DVLA number plate auction venue details

I've had a browse through the catalogue - as I always do. So what's caught my eye this time?
The first one that jumped out at me was a fun one AO07 SPY. The new style registration numbers do seem to lend themselves to number plates that create a 'sentence' rather than just a word or set of initials. This is the kind of personalised number plate 'sentence' I mean. Number plate WH02 SEE or registration number GT02 POW.

So which other number plates are in the DVLA auction?
Day 1 highlights...
Registration number ASH 3Y has a reserve price of just 450. If it sells for close to that price, I'll eat my hat! I don't own a hat... but I'll buy one for the purpose.
FLU 555H... perhaps suitable for a plumber? FLO 55S for the Dentists out there? Though I quite like F4 KES... maybe a registration number that's just right for a cosmetic surgeon... or a cheeky one for Katie Price? Meow!

Day 2...
Just like any common name, James number plate JAM 35L, JON 11D, and JUL 14H are registration numbers that are bound to attract a lot of attention. If you're feeling macho, there's always 124 MBO (RAMBO for the uninitiated). My friends would suggest that this one is probably the perfect registration number for me: NUT 777Y

And finally Day 3...
2 OAP - any takers?! PET 5S for a veterenarian? Registration number SUE 600D would probably attract the occasional comment... and finally... anyone for TEN 11S?

The full DVLA number plate catalogue is available online, so feel free to poke around. Unlike the past, catalogues are free - and available to download as a pdf or Excel spreadsheet. As well as in online. Though the online catalogue is horrible & impossible to use. It keeps throwing the user out when they click on anything. All that budget - come on guys, make it more usable!

If you see something you fancy, why not have a go at bidding? Just keep in mind a few things:

  1. The prices are reserve prices.
    A number plate may sell for much more than the reserve price. So, like with any auction, set your budget and don't carried away.
  2. Factor in the additional fees.
    The hammer price is just start. You will need to add in vat, and buyer's premium. That can be a significant chunk on top.
  3. Bids for number plates will be coming from within the auction room, by telephone, and online.
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