DVLA number plate auction sealed bids

For those of you not 'in the know' the DVLA holds the occasional sealed bid number plate auction. There's no need to sit in an auction room... just send in a bid for cherished registrations you want to buy... and wait for the deadline to pass.

In a nutshell, the DVLA are offering around 1000 number plates for sale. Sealed bids are invited for any of these. Bids opened on 22nd June - you must get your bids in for your selected personalised number plates by Fri 10th July. The DVLA have given guide prices, but this does not necessarily reflect the final selling price. The registration number will be sold to the highest bidder.

Our tips for bidding on a number plate:

When considering your bid for a number plate, make sure you allow for:

  1. Vat @ 15% - this will be added to the accepted bid price
  2. Buyer's premium @ 7.5% +vat - this will be added to the accepted bid price
  3. Assignment fee @ £80 (no vat)

So the final cost will be the value of your bid, plus the charges listed above.

How to apply for a DVLA number plate auction by sealed bid

Take a look at the full catalogue of number plates for sale. Each cherished registration number has a reserve price, starting from £130 (plus fees). Though it's possible the number plate you're interested in could sell for a lot more. If you would like to bid for one or more, you will need to register, and complate your application online.

Sealed bid DVLA number plate auctions are in addition to the usual main DVLA number plate auctions held 6 times a year, at various venues around the country.

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