DVLA number plate documents stolen

Buyers beware when buying private number plates

DVLA is today warning buyers that they should check the Certificates for private number plates before buying them from a private seller.

That's because 900 blank certificates have been stolen. This is the pink V750 Certificate of Entitlement. Not to be mixed up with the green V778 Retention Document.

So... if you're offered a private registration number on a DVLA V750 Certificate of Entitlement make sure you check the serial number on the top right corner. If it falls within the range below...get in touch with the police:

5930101 to 5931000

You should also check if it looks as though the serial number for the Certificate looks like it's been tampered with. If you have any reason to be suspicious, you should get in touch with the Northumbria Police.

If you're buying from a legitimate private number plate company, then you don't need to worry. Your payment to them should be protected, and it's their responsibility to check that the paperwork is legitimate. Just make sure that they are members of the appropriate number plate Associations and offer a full guarantee.

In addition to the number plate certificates, 200 blank driver license counterparts (D470) were also stolen. That's the paper part of your Driving Licence.

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