DVLA number plate fees from 2015

DVLA number plate fees from 2015

What fees do DVLA charge for number plate services?

Transfers of personalised number plates are processed by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA).  There are fees for these services as the DVLA must update their database and issue replacement V5C Registration Documents.

In March 2015 the DVLA fees were reviewed, and significant changes were made. The various fees charged are outlined below.

Transfer number plate from one vehicle direct to another vehicle

It's possible to transfer a private number plate from one vehicle direct to another vehicle. The DVLA charges a fee of £80 for this service.

The vehicle you are removing the private registration from is called the "donor vehicle". And the one you are transferring it to is called the "receiving vehicle". When you transfer the registration number across, the DVLA issues another age-related number to the donor vehicle. This is likely to be the one that was allocated to it before the personalised registration number was on it. You do not need to buy a replacement. The DVLA fee includes allocating the replacement registration. It does not include any replacement acrylic number plates.

Transfer number plate from a Certificate to a vehicle

The personalised registration number may be on a Certificate instead of a vehicle. It will either be on a V750 Certificate of Entitlement (pink) or a V778 Retention Document (green). They both work in pretty much the same way.

If a registration number is on a Certificate, there are no further fees to pay. It should state on the certificate "Assgnment fee has been paid". There may be fees to pay if your Certificate has expired. The expiry date is printed on the Certificate. You can contact us if you need help with this.

When you assign a registration number to a vehicle, the existing registration number is made void. See what happens to my old number plate for more details.

Remove a private number plate from a vehicle

It's possible to remove a registration number from a vehicle and hold it on retention. You don't have to have another vehicle to transfer it to. The DVLA fee for this is £80.

When you apply to retain a personalised registration, the DVLA will allocate a replacement registration as part of the service. They will issue you with a replacement V5C Registration Document, and update their systems re MoT and tax details. You will need to contact your insurance company yourself. The DVLA fee does not include replacement number plates. You will need to get these yourself.

Other DVLA services

Changing the nominee name.

The DVLA no longer charges a fee for this service.

Extension of Certificates

The DVLA no longer charges a fee to extend Certificates expired after 9th March 2015. Fees will apply if your Certificate expired prior to this date.

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