How to find Irish number plates for sale

Irish number plates are great choice

If you’re looking for a cheap number plate to hide the age of your car, it’s got to be an Irish number plate. They can cost as less than £100. And even a shortened version of your name can be on your car for around £500 or so.

Irish number plates are different to the standard mainland UK number plates, though. They must have the letter I or Z, followed by up to 4 digits. So if your name can be shortened to something like BAZ, KAZ, JEZ, or LIL you’re onto a winner.

There are other different types of UK number plates too, so you can figure out which works for you.The format has changed over the past 100 years. Unfortunately, though, you're limited to the formats and combinations available... you can't make your own number plates up! We're asked about this all the time... but that's the UK rules :-(

If you’re wondering whether you can have an Irish number plate on your car… the answer is yes. They can be transferred to any car in the UK. And. even better, they can be transferred to a vehicle of any age.

Sometimes the transfer of a Northern Ireland number plate can be a bit more complicated (involving two transfers and taking a little bit longer). But the company you’re buying your number plate from will take care of all that for you. All you will need to do is be a bit more patient!

So, whether you just want to hide the age of your car or want your name on the registration number without breaking the bank,  you won’t go far wrong with an Irish number plate.

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