How long does it take to sell a number plate?

Selling number plates is unlike selling anything else. Each registration number is unique, and means something different to each individual. As a first option, most will choose a number plate with their name (if budget allows) or, alternatively, their initials. Others will opt for a number plate that reflects a hobby (like horses or a music number plate), or their job (such as doctor or pub). The most common (and affordable) are initials. Some initials are more common than others. For the more common initials, there will perhaps only be a few good number plates on the market at any time. These number plates will sell relatively quickly, provided they are priced sensibly. Naturally, if there are a lot of similar number plates for sale , it will take longer to sell for two reasons: 1. Demand for those number plates is lower. 2. Potential buyers have a lot more registration numbers to choose from! That means that prices will be lower, and they will take longer to sell. Higher priced number plates will, of course, take longer to sell. this is simply because there are fewer buyers with high budgets. Personal number plates are a luxury purchase. So it can take some time to sell a number plate. On average, it takes around 9-12 months to sell a registration number. Where there are many similar number plates for sale, or the number plate is in a high price bracket, this time period can increase significantly. Some number plates can take years to sell... so patience will be needed!

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