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Pink cars and pink number plates

Pink cars are hot.

And that makes pink number plates hot too.

There are now over 7500 pink cars on our roads in the UK. Traditionally cars have maybe been a passion for the boys... but not any more. Girls are clearly setting out to make their mark in their own way. Pink is hot.

Driving Experiences

For most people, a car is simply a machine to be used for getting from A to B. For others, it’s so much more.

When looking to get someone a car related gift, there are quite a few options available. New floor mats or windscreen wipers are easy possibilities. Finding and buying one of the many cherished number plates for sale would also be a fantastic gift, but others will choose to buy a driving experience day for someone instead.

Look A Million Dollars

Everyone knows that big celebrities and millionaires drive around only the best and most expensive cars available. They’ll almost always have private number plates and heads will turn as they go past.

But this expensive look doesn’t have to be unique to those with money, nor does it have to be that expensive.

If you’re looking to give off the millionaire feel from your car and turn heads as you drive past, read on below to discover how.

Get the right car


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