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New style number plates don't go up in value

How much is my number plate worth? A very common question. There is a general expectation that all personal number plates, once bought, will increase in value. Not true. And it applies especially to the new style registration numbers (sometimes referred to as current style). Why? It's simple - supply and demand. Most people, when they think of buying a personal number plate, will opt for either a 3-letter version of their name (like Sue or Gav). Or their initials.

Why SUC number plates?

So what's the big deal about the letters SUC?

Take a look around. All the SUC number plates are gone. There are very few available for sale.


Is it about manipulating the C to make a SUE number plate? We've all seen the use of screws and black tape to change number plates to make a name or word. It's illegal, of course - and the police are beginning to get tough on it.

Number plate for a CEO

A registration number that any Chief Executive Officer would be proud to own...

CEO 7.

Now, after owning the number plate for more than 40 years, its owner has decided to sell it "to fund his retirement".


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