John talks about his private number plate

This is what one of our clients, John, (photo above) had to say about how he got interested in private number plates.....

I first became ‘aware’ of  personalised number plates back in 1991 when I ordered my first ever new motorcycle (first and only new vehicle of any kind!). The dealer was an agent for DVLA Registrations and offered me a leaflet on the subject which immediately was put into a drawer and forgotten about! Nearer the time to collect the bike, my wife suggested I look at the possibility of obtaining a registration with a connection to myself. I was reluctant but as it was the year for the ‘J’ prefix, and my name is John, she thought I should try for initials or name. I then asked for ‘J2 OHN’, thinking that with so many Johns in the country, I wouldn’t stand a chance! As it happened, I was the first to be allocated an ‘OHN’ and I have had the plate since that day.

What that did, is make me much more aware of the (often very clever) registration plates in existence....

I now have fun on The Plate Market, putting names into the ‘Search’ and seeing the clever registrations that appear!

Thanks John :-)

John has now decided to part with his treasured JOHN private number plate. It's going to look good on someone's car, that's for sure!

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