KARL private number plate for sale after over 30 years

Mum plans ahead with private number plate

More than 30 years ago... forward-thinking Mum bought private number plate KAR 1L for her 12 week old son. Now little Karl was a tad on the young side to make use of it at the time... his feet didn't quite reach the pedals for a start! So Mum kept it on her car for a couple of decades.
As he grew older, Karl was keen to own the fabulous number plate. But Karl had to wait a little longer than expected before he was allowed to have the private number plate transfered to his car. Much like any young man... his first few cars were older runabouts. Landmark birthdays came and went... but Mum was keeping hold of the registration.

"You're not putting it on those old bangers you drive!" she declared. "Once you're driving a Mercedes or something similar that suits KAR 1L, then you can have it."

Well... Karl did finally get that Mercedes. Though it wasn't quite what his Mum had in mind... he bought a Mercedes Sprinter conversion....in other words.... a motorhome!! But... true to her word... Mum handed over the registration number that Karl had waited patiently for.

Over the years that Karl has been proudly driving around, his special number plate has attracted a lot of attention from other drivers. And there have been many offers. But there was no way he was going to part with such a special gift from his Mum.

Karl to say bye to private number plate

So why is this Karl number plate up for sale now? Well, now that Karl has a family of his own, he's planning to give up KAR 1L... to build a great home for them. And his Mum is supporting his plans. But.... Karl hasn't given up on private number plates completely. It's become a bit of a tradition...and he's started with a personalised registration for his little daughter. It's going to be a while before she uses it though!

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