Knock out number plates.....

Personal number plates are now so popular that it's no longer the privilege of a select few.
There is, however, one distinct difference...... the need for screws and black tape! The use of screws and tape to alter a number plate (and consequently misrepresent the registration number) is illegal, and not to be recommended.

So what's the answer? Simple..... a little imagination. Instead of a name number plate or initials, think a little more widely. Maybe a registration number that makes a statement?

For example, registration number 77 KO needs no interpretation. It speaks for itself.
If you're into boxing, it's a personal number plate that packs a lot of punch. Or maybe it's a football number plate....? Kick off with this dateless registration and get noticed. Or maybe you just have a knock-out car?

And because it's a dateless registration, it can be applied to any vehicle. And it's on the market for the first time in over 30 years..... and as a private sale, there's no vat or dealer premiums.

For inspiration, take a look at some number plate themes for more ideas. And dare to be different.

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