Look A Million Dollars

Everyone knows that big celebrities and millionaires drive around only the best and most expensive cars available. They’ll almost always have private number plates and heads will turn as they go past.

But this expensive look doesn’t have to be unique to those with money, nor does it have to be that expensive.

If you’re looking to give off the millionaire feel from your car and turn heads as you drive past, read on below to discover how.

Get the right car

There are a number of ways you can get a car that makes you look rich, depending on how long you want to have it.

Firstly, there are cars available that look expensive but are surprisingly affordable. Something that looks like a sports car but doesn’t carry the same performance will equally carry a lower price. Shopping around and finding out what’s available will help too.

Going for an older car will also be cheaper. There are some old cars that look really great and will certainly look the part; it doesn’t have to be all new.

With finance and loan options available, payments can be spread out over several years. This’ll make an expensive car surprisingly affordable.

Make it look the part

You’ll rarely ever see an expensive car dirty. Keep up with the cleaning and maintenance to keep the effect. If it gets really dirty or starts making a bad sound, it’s not going to make you look great.

Millionaires will very often have private number plates. It gets them noticed because it looks different and out of the ordinary.

There are many private number plates cheap that you can buy for your car to make it look like its being driven by a millionaire. Not only that, but it’ll stand out and get you much more attention than a regular plate. Have a look around and see what cherished number plates for sale there are, maybe you’ll even find one that spells your name.

Further accessories such as tinted windows give the impression you’re trying to hide away from the public. Funnily enough, this will only make people notice your car more. Tinted windows aren’t that common, so people would definitely take notice when you drove past.

Combined with a private number plate, you’d easily give the impression that you’ve money to spend.

There are laws regarding tinted windows, so make sure you check on that before carrying out any work.

Alternatives to buying

Not everyone has the money to buy car, not even on finance. However, this doesn’t have to stop your dream of owning an expensive looking vehicle.

There are businesses that rent out prestigious cars for either one day or several. If you’re meeting someone and want to give a great first impression, this is perfect.

There are car sharing clubs available to join too. You can sign up and, depending on how much money you pay, drive one of their cars for a limited time. If you don’t want to be tied down to one vehicle, this is a brilliant way of using multiple cars over a few months.

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