Morgan brings 1930s style into the future

I love it. Morgan's look into the future hasn't compromised on style and character. It's still distinctly a Morgan. And it's sexy. And aggressive. Morgan's LifeCar was revealed at the Geneva Auto Show this month. The distinct character of the Morgan is the reason this little company of just 156 people, in a small factory in Worcestershire, is still successful against giant car companies. And now they've combined their flair for style with the technology of the future...hydrogen. So the exhaust produces nothing but water vapour. The light aluminium body and innovative hydrogen technology under the bonnet combine to give this (concept) car its edge. "The real challenge is to design and build a car that is fun to drive - a proper sports car" quoted Charles Morgan, Strategic Director at Morgan Motor Company. As I'm a lover of sports cars, I take a leap for joy. I want to be green, but I also love driving. Today that's a dilemma. Eco-friendly cars could hardly be described as exciting. But who says eco-friendly cars have to be dull? Certainly not Morgan. In a world where big companies seem to dictate markets, homogenising the products we buy, it's refreshing to see a small company holding their own. And, maybe, being small leaves more room for innovation. And it's great to see a British company succeeding on the world stage. I'll look forward to the day I can put a Morgan car number plate on a hydrogen car. [Sources: ]

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