Number plate for a CEO

A registration number that any Chief Executive Officer would be proud to own...

CEO 7.

Now, after owning the number plate for more than 40 years, its owner has decided to sell it "to fund his retirement".

The sale of the highly sought after registration number CEO 1 was widely reported. A bidding war erupted over this registration number. More than 100 bids later, the number plate ultimately sold for a record breaking £154,100 in July 2007. And is it any wonder? This private registration number is the ultimate prize for any CEO with a penchant for a private number plate.
CEO 1 and CEO 2 were sold by Derek Clements from Cumbria. The CEO 1 number plate now adorns an equally prestigious Aston Martin DB6.

But now, for those CEO's who missed out the first time, there's another chance to acquire a dream number plate CEO 7. And it's a little easier on the wallet too. It's just come on the market, for a private sale, on And as there are no dealer commission fees, it comes at a very reasonable price.

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