Pink cars and pink number plates

Pink cars are hot.

And that makes pink number plates hot too.

There are now over 7500 pink cars on our roads in the UK. Traditionally cars have maybe been a passion for the boys... but not any more. Girls are clearly setting out to make their mark in their own way. Pink is hot.

And it doesn’t stop with the paintwork.

There are loads of girls' car accessories out there today, such as flower stickers and pink steering wheel covers. And what could be better than a private number plate to finish off? And lots of the lovely ladies are choosing the letter combination PNK for pink number plates.

Pink cars are a big thing these days, with women like Paris Hilton and Katie Price setting the trend. Katie Price has a whole collection of pink cars, including a Range Rover and even a horsebox. And her latest acquisition is the Bugatti Veyron, which is getting the pink ‘bling’ treatment by no other than Afzal Khan… the owner of the private number plate F1.

But it’s not just celebrities who’ve developed a passion for all things pink.

So much so that there’s now even an annual pink car rally, raising money for the Little Princess Trust.

Guys you'd better watch out… cars and private number plates are no longer just for the boys.


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