Private number plate X1 really worth a million?

Ambitious price for distinctive private number plate

There's been much talk about the number plate X1 coming up for sale. The PR machine has been at work to drum up lots of 'awareness' of the stand-out private registration number, with news of it reported in numerous places all over the internet.

What's it all come to?


This private number plate was open for bids during the first 2 weeks of bids are clearly now closed. And all is quiet. Clearly, had there been an appropriate bid, we'd know about it. So we can only assume that all the furore has (so far) come to nothing.

Not that I'm at all surprised.

In fact, I very much doubt that it was expected to sell so quickly. After all, a million pounds is no insignificant sum....even for those who have that level of finance. Similar exclusive number plates have taken years to sell.

The registration number F1 sold for a record £375k (+vat) in January 2008, though there were failed efforts a couple of years earlier.

Private registration S1 also sold to a mystery owner in September that year, for a total of £397,500. 2008 was clearly a big year for record breaking sales of private number plates in UK.

So is a million pounds for number plate X1 achievable? may be a little high.

There's no doubt it would look good on any car. Though if it sold for that, it would smash any previous UK record paid for a private number plate. Personally, I doubt it will quite make that price.

But 'million' is a nice number. And the number plate is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. I think it may take a while before this one gets 'snapped up'...but the word is out.

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