Scotland top for personalised number plates

Scots love personalised number plates

A recent survey found that personalised number plates are particularly popular in some areas of Scotland. In fact, of the top 10 locations in the UK, 8 of them are in Scotland.

In the UK, a national average of 4% of motorists have personalised number plates. But in the area of Kilmalcolm in Inverclyde it’s an astonishing 14%. The survey doesn’t tell us why, but it’s a fair guess that it has something to do with the fact that this is an affluent area.

It’s no surprise that, looking at the types of cars that have personalised number plates, most are luxury cars. The top cars include the Bentley, Aston Martin DB7 and Ferrari. From my point of view… I don’t think these cars look right without one!

So what kind of person drives an Aston Martin with a personalised number plate? It won’t surprise you to know it’s most likely to be a Company Director or a Banker.

In our experience, it’s not just the rich drivers of luxury cars that love a bit of indulgence. We’ve transferred personalised number plates to much more everyday cars, like BMW’s, Volkswagens, and Fords to name a few. In fact we believe they’re more popular than the survey suggests.

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