Selling a number plate

If you want to sell a number plate, the whole process can seem overwhelming. And pricey. Number plate dealers will charge a tidy sum in commission fees.

For the past 2 decades, the only option has been to sell a number plate via a dealer. That, of course, means that both the seller and the buyer lose out.

How does it work? Dealers will provide a seller with a number plate valuation. Valuations may vary from one dealer to another. A price is agreed between the seller and the selected dealer. The dealer then adds a commission fee, and advertises the registration for sale (usually on their website). This is termed selling a number plate 'on commission', where the dealer is simply acting as a 'broker'.

The dealer's commission can be as much as half of the final selling price of the number plate. For example, a number plate sold by a dealer at around £995 could leave the seller with a cheque for around £500.

Other ways of selling a number plate. A private sale will yield a better sale price. A one-off ad in a magazine or national newspaper, however, is an expensive option at £35-£50 per insertion. Some of publications are regional and only around for a few days.

Online advertising is the method most suited to selling a number plate. The Plate Market is a specialist number plate site, offering a no commission option.

About The Plate Market

A website offering advertising for number plates for sale. There are no commission or set-up fees. Sellers can still benefit from all the advantages of selling number plates online, including 24-hour national advertising and full searching. The site is specialises in selling number plates. So the search is designed just for number plates. Extra options such as full-page feature articles really promote individual number plates for sale.

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