Taking cherished number plates off classic cars

Cherished number plates being removed from cars

For years owners of classic cars have been taking the [cherished number plate] off the car, and sold it on. Most classic cars have a dateless registration number, which has some value… from just a few hundred pounds to £1000’s.

The value of the number plate depends on the combination of letters and numbers, of course. As well as how many are around, and the level of demand for that combination.

Many classic cars enthusiasts don’t like the original cherished number plate to be removed. They believe that selling the registration number takes away from the character of the car, and ‘spoiling’ it. And even though the DVLA provides a replacement registration number it’s just not the same.

These days, if you register a classic car with the DVLA the number plate is allocated on a transferable basis. Which stops the owner from removing it and selling it on. But original registrations were not allocated on that basis, and it is possible to remove the cherished registration number from the car.

What’s your view? Is it OK to remove the cherished registration number that was first assigned to the car? Does it matter?

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