Toy number plate for the boss

BOSS TOY number plate

I really like this cheeky little registration number. I can't deny it's a little bit 'boastful' - sure. But in my opinion it still has a certain sense of style. Boss number plates have become really popular, since the current style number plates were introduced in 2001. The new format allows the word to be made easily, without any need for squinting! Some of the BOSS number plates sold in the past year include: BO55 DOG BO55 CAT BO55 HOG.... and more Those of us old enough will remember the infamous character Boss Hog from "Dukes of Hazzard"! Even as a kid I loved car chases...... And Toy number plates. They've always been well sought after. These registration numbers are particularly suited to a sporty little runaround car. And they're pretty versatile because they're not restricted to any specific car model. That makes it much easier when changing cars, and makes it more saleable when the time comes. See my previous post about investing in number plates for more info. With this BOSS TOY number plate there's two for the price of one. It needs the right person to give it their personality - definitely 'out there'. But this registration number wins by retaining its dignity, as there's no need to mis-represent the registration number in any way. It's just what it says. Boss toy. Love it.

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