Where to get number plates made up

You can find shops selling auto and car parts or accessories on many retail parks. Or there are literally dozens of online websites. So it's not difficult to find where to get number plates made up. But not all number plates are the same. So beware.
Like many things you buy, the great thing about walking into a shop is that you can see exactly what you are getting for your money. You can touch and feel the number plates before you get them made up. The quality of number plates does vary a lot. Cheap number plates do just peel apart and can cause you to fail an MoT if the letters and numbers are affected.

What to take with you to get number plates made up

You can't just walk into an auto parts store and ask to get number plates made up.

You need:

  1. ID, e.g. driver's license, passport
  2. Documents for vehicle, e.g. V5C Registration Document, V948 Autorisation Certificate.

Why you need ID to get number plates made up

This is because criminals have been using number plates to clone cars and commit crimes such as petrol drive-offs. So these days you need to take some ID and documents to prove that you are entitled to that registration number. This is the same whether you have personalised number plates or standard ones. This is required by law.

You'll find a full list of options on the DVLA's website.

Getting number plates made up - what is the law?

Where you get number plates made up does matter. You should be asked for ID. You should only use companies on the DVLA's list as a Registered Number Plate Supplier (RNPS).

What are show plates?

Show plates are NOT legal number plates. They are sold by many online companies and stalls at car shows. But these are NOT road legal. So beware - you could land yourself with a fine.

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