Why do private number plates cost so much?

Good private number plates are not cheap

When I tell people what I do, I get one of two reactions....either a declaration that they just don't 'get' them.... or a thousand questions about how much number plates are worth or what this number plate would cost. Everyone wants JON 1 or JRP 1, and are quite taken aback that something like that would set them back quite literally £10,000's.

But the fact is that there are thousands of guys called John or Jon...or Jonathan....who would love to own the personalised car number plate JON 1. Everyone liked the number 1. And there's only one such registration number...so demand is high and supply can't get any lower than 1 unique product. So it's all about who has the deepest pockets.

But....fear not. Private number plates are not the prerogative of the most wealthy. Whilst we can't all own registration numbers likeTOM 1, we can realistically aim for a prefix style registration number like R1 TOM  or something similar....for a fraction of the price. Whilst still a significant sum, it's within the reach of many of us.

But...if that's still a bit out of your price range....and you're still keen on having TOM in the registration, then you could do worse than looking at the current style number plates, such as OK04 TOM. These are plentiful, which keeps prices relatively low...often less than £2k. Though the best letter combinations (before the TOM) do get snapped up quickly.

Anything with a common short name like TOM or SUE is going set you back a bit...there's no two ways about it. Long term, if you choose wisely, they should hold value. Though there are never any guarantees of course.

Still too much, perhaps? There are plenty of other options if you want a personalised number plate, but on a smaller budget.

What's your view on private number plates? Are they worth it?

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