Cheap personalised number plates under £99

Looking for cheap personalised number plates?


cheap personalised number plates under £99

1000's cheap personalised number plates under £99

You don’t have to break the bank to indulge in personalised number plates. The cheapest start from under £99.


Irish number plates are about the cheapest personalised number plates you'll find. You can even get some names, like KAZ, LIL or JEZ without breaking the bank. They’re generally a lot cheaper than prefix or suffix number plates. Even better, they’re great for any car whatever its age, because they don’t have a number plate year identifier. And it's easy to transfer a number plate to or from Northern Ireland.


Your initials will probably be the cheapest option for personalised number plates. Especially if yours are a bit unusual. You may not ever have thought about this… but some sets of initials are more common than others. Like AJS or JMH – there are lots of names with these letters. The more common initials will always be in demand, pushing up prices. If you’re lucky enough to have less popular initials (like FJA, for instance) you could pick up great personalised number plates very cheap. You can either choose to do the paperwork yourself, or ask us to do it for you. See details

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Irish number plates are mest certainly the cheapest, and there is usually lots of choice. So if you don't want to spend too much these are the ideal choice. If you're a classic car enthusiast you may want a suffix number plate to take your car back to the genuine article. If you don't mind which letters you have, you can usually find something for less than £200.

Dateless number plates are the most sought after, so they can cost a bit more. But there are still plenty to choose from for less than a few hunfred pounds.

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