My car tax has run out. Or MoT has expired. Can I still sell my number plate?

car tax or mot expired sell number plate


My car is not taxed or does not have a MoT. Can I still sell my number plate?

Vehicle tax

Vehicles must be currently taxed. The application will still be considered if your tax expired less than 5 years ago. It must have been declared SORN without a gap, and the tax must not have been refunded. If the vehicle fails on any of these, you must apply for tax before you can sell the private number plate.

To apply for tax, you must first calculate the tax due. You can find out this information using the online DVLA Vehicle Enquiry Service (see bottom of page).

You can then use the DVLA V10 form to make your application. Or you can do it online or by post.

Download the V10 form to apply for tax.


Vehicles should have a valid MoT.

If your car does not have a current MoT, it must not have expired more than 5 years ago. If it was more than this, you must obtain a valid MoT Certificate.

Older vehicles

If your vehicle has been unused for a number of years, you may not be able to sell the registration number.

To remove a registration number from a vehicle, it must meet the following:

  1. Registered with the DVLA (many older vehicles may not be)
  2. Have been taxed within the past 5 years, and be declared SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification)
  3. Available for inspection

I don't have the vehicle, but I have the Registration Document (logbook)

You cannot sell a registration number if you no longer have the vehicle. Or if the vehicle is now simply a box of remaining parts. The vehicle must have been taxed / Mot'd within the past 5 years.

Older vehicles (and vehicles that do not have a recent record of tax / MoT) are likely to be called for inspection. That means you will be asked to produce the vehicle at your nearest testing location. When you apply to remove the registration number the DVLA will write to you with full details.

Don't forget: if you are taking a vehicle for inspection when it does not have valid tax or MoT you must transport it to the requested location. You cannot use the vehicle on the road.

If you have questions about your specific circumstances, please contact the DVLA direct.

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