Irish number plates

Private number plates from Northern Ireland

You may have heard of Irish number plates. These are registration numbers that were originally issued to vehicles in Northern Ireland. We see them a lot as they are very popular and cheap to buy.

Some examples of Irish number plates: Irish number plates BAZ 4338Irish number plates GAZ 787Irish number plates IIL 12Irish number plates JEZ 5224Irish number plates LEZ 7300Irish number plates OJI 440Irish number plates OIL 2569

Irish number plates are issued to new vehicles in Northern Ireland

Irish registration numbers can be used on vehicles anywhere in the UK. They are not just restricted to Northern Ireland.

They are issued by the DVLA, like all UK number plates. They are not to be confused with number plates from Eire.

Combinations of letters are allocated to specific areas in Northern Ireland, and are issued as needed (in a similar way to dateless number plates prior to 1963).  

The DVLA are responsible for the management of Irish number plates in Northern Ireland.

Irish number plates are 'dateless' because they don't have a year identifier. That means they can be transferred to any vehicle whatever its age. So they are great for hiding the age of your car.

And as a bonus, they are the cheapest number plates money can buy.

Can I put an Irish number plate on my car?

The simple answer is YES.

Number plates from Northern Ireland can be transferred to a vehicle in any part of the UK. They can be retained or transferred like any other private number plate.

What do they look like?

How do you know if your number plate is from Northern Ireland?

Irish number plates are easily recognisable. They are made up of 3 letters, followed by up to 4 digits. And they contain either the letter I or Z.

Take a look at some of the examples on this page.

Are Irish number plates worth anything?

On the whole, yes. Irish registrations are popular because they do not have a year identifier. So they can be used to disguise the age of a vehicle. And because they are more readily available, they are generally more affordable than dateless registrations.

How much is a Northern Ireland registration number worth?

As with all number plates, the value of an Irish registration number depends on the letters and the number of digits. Because Irish registrations contain an I or Z, they lend themselves well to popular shortened names (such as KAZ, GAZ, or LIL) as well as words (such as BIG or DIG).

Naturally, registration numbers which make a recognisable word or name have more value than a simple combination of letters such as TLZ.

Irish registrations can be found from as little as £89, up to £10,000's.

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