Local DVLA offices in UK

Local DVLA Offices in the UK


Unfortunately, all local UK DVLA offices have now been closed.

All local DVLA offices were closed in December 2013. So it's no longer possible to pop in and transfer a private number plate (or access other services) in person.

So how can I get what I need to deal with my private number plate?

All transfers, retentions, assignments of private number plates are dealt with at DVLA Head Office in Swansea.

You can now assign a private number plate online. Or send your paperwork by post to DVLA the old fashioned way.

If you require other DVLA services please contact main their Head Office in Swansea. You'll find the address on your Certificate of Entitlement, Retention Document, or V5C Registration Document.

Where will I find more information about DVLA services?

You may find the information you are looking for in our Frequently Asked Questions. There's loads of information on buying, selling, and transferring your private number plate. You'll also find lots of other useful information and tips on how to access DVLA related services.

What about Northern Ireland?

The DVA in Northern Ireland is also now closed. All Northern Ireland number plate services are now provided by DVLA in Swansea. These are managed in pretty much the same way as mainland UK number plates.


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