Local DVLA offices in UK

Local DVLA Offices in the UK


Unfortunately, all local UK DVLA offices have now been closed.

All local DVLA offices were closed in December 2013. So it's no longer possible to pop in and transfer a private number plate (or access other services) in person.

So how can I get what I need to deal with my private number plate?

All transfers, retentions, assignments of private number plates are dealt with at DVLA Head Office in Swansea.

Personalised number plate spacing in UK

personalised number plate spacing

What is the right spacing for a personalised number plate?

We are regularly asked about number plate spacing. It's assumed that this doesn't matter on a personalised registration number. Not true.

Whether you have personalised number plates or a standard ones, the same rules apply for the size of the letters and the spaces between them. Even the fonts for registration numbers are tightly controlled. And the official font for UK number plates is called Charles Wright.

What are the official DVLA rules on spacing?


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