Personalised number plate eBay fraudster jailed

James Fyfe jailed for car and number plate fraud

Fraudster James Fyfe jailed for selling number plates he did not own

James Fyfe led a lifestyle of luxury based on lies and false claims.

He duped unsuspecting buyers into parting with £1000's for prestige personalised number plates and supercars that he did not own. And he used the money to fund a lavish lifestyle, renting supercars and wearing designer clothes.

He presented himself as a car salesman, and advertised Porsches and Ferraris under company name Prestige Lifestyle Supercars. How? Using social media channels and other websites. In reality, he didn't own these. But conned buyers into transferring deposits direct to his bank accounts. In total, he was found guilty for frauds adding up to £231,000.

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