Personal number plate valuation

What is a number plate valuation?

Personalised number plate valuations can vary a little, and sometimes a lot. And that can be a bit confusing when you’re planning to sell your cherished registration number plate. Number plate valuations can vary for all sorts of reasons.

How are you selling your personal registration plate?

The main difference can be depending on how you’re selling your cherished registration number plate. If you sell your cherished registration number direct to a buyer, you cut out the middle man and save on commission fees. If you’re selling via a dealer, the amount you receive from the sale of your personal number plate will be lower because you must take into account the dealer commission fees.

You can sometimes sell your personal number plate direct to a dealer. This option will give you the lowest amount, as the dealer doesn’t know how long it will take to sell the number plate.

Number plate dealer commission fees

Dealers’ commission fees will vary.

You can ask dealers how much commission fee they will be charging. Check whether the valuation you are given is net of commission fees. Don’t forget that the number plate valuation you are given is not a guaranteed amount. Buyers do almost always negotiate on the asking price, so the amount you receive will be affected. The dealer will discuss any offers with you, naturally.

How unique is your cherished number plate?

Some personal number plates are difficult to value. Especially very high value private number plates, and cherished registration numbers that can’t easily be compared with other number plates.

Our advice?

  1. Consider how you would like to sell your personal registration plate.
  2. Get some number plate valuations
  3. Look around at what else is on the market – price yours accordingly.

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