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As usual, we've received 100's of requests for number plate valuations this week. Nothing new there. It's the same as any other week. In response to valuations sent out, we often get a follow-up question...or perhaps even a challenge. As you would expect, not everyone agrees with the selling price we suggest for their personalised number plate. And some are none-too-polite about it too! But that's ok... we take it in our stride, and we're pretty laid back about that. After all, to some degree, it is subjective. We actively encourage clients to get 3 or more valuations before coming to any decision. And it's our clients who make the final decision about the selling price anyway. After all, our clients set up their own account online, and are free to add / remove / change number plates 1n their portfolio as they wish. 24hrs a day. And judging from the feedback, our clients like it. They like it a lot. This week we received a polite query in response to a number plate valuation we sent out. And after a couple of emails back & forth, I decided it warranted a blog post. I'm always fascinated by what our clients need. After all, without them, we don't exist. The query included a couple of questions.... "Could i ask what is different from your company compared to the others..?"

  1. Sell for less... ... and still end up with more money in your pocket. In a nutshell, cut out the middleman. Selling direct to a buyer takes out the dealer's commission fees. So you can sell for a lower price to attract a buyer.
  2. Complete control We put the seller in the driving seat. Our clients manage their own number plate portfolio 24/7 - whether that's 1 or 100's of personalised number plates.
  3. Free insertion in the revolutionary new number plate price comparison site - the only place you can compare number plate prices.

Add to that a whole heap of independent advice and tips on how to buy number plates, sell personalised number plates... how to transfer or retain a registration number. "Do you think you can sell plates quicker?" I like this question. From our viewpoint (and this reflects the whole reason for the existence of this site) yes. After all, if you cut out the middle man, you cut out the commission fee. So there's room to sell for less as there's no dealer premium built in. And if you sell for less, you reach more pockets. And everyone likes to get the best price they can...don't they? You see, in this case we suggested a selling price of £800-900. Other companies gave a much higher price. On investigation, the registration number is currently being advertised at £1925. So what accounts for the difference? Commission fees, mainly. Work it out for yourself - what would you rather pay?

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