Personalised number plate fees - what are they?

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Personalised number plate fees apply whenever you transfer from a car.

If you have a private registration number, there will come a time when you want to do one of these things:

  1. Transfer it to another vehicle,
  2. Hold it for a while, before putting it on another car, or
  3. Sell it on.

Whatever you want to do with your personalised number plate, DVLA fees will apply. We've listed the main fees below.

How much are DVLA fees for personalised number plates?

Here are the major DVLA fees charged (correct at time of publishing this article) for personalised number plates:


How do I pay fees?

Fees are usually payable at the time you send your application. If you're sending everything in the post, you'll need to include a cheque for the appropriate fee. Or, if you're going in person to your local DVLA office, you can usually pay by card.

You will find full instructions and addresses on the back of the green V778 Retention Document or pink V750 Certificate. Or the V317 DVLA form as appropriate. See "What you need" above.

My personalised number plate is on my car - are there fees?

No. Not whilst it's on the car.

There are no fees for your personalised number plate whilst it's on your car. These are only payable when you want to remove it from your car, usually when you either selling the car or the registration number itself. And the amount of the fees depends on what you want to do.


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