KARL private number plate for sale after over 30 years

Mum plans ahead with private number plate

More than 30 years ago... forward-thinking Mum bought private number plate KAR 1L for her 12 week old son. Now little Karl was a tad on the young side to make use of it at the time... his feet didn't quite reach the pedals for a start! So Mum kept it on her car for a couple of decades.

Bank robber caught by personalised number plate

Yep...a personalised number plate gave a robber away. James Snell from Cardiff got together with his brother Wayne and a couple of other robbers, and used his own BMW car with his own personalised number plate to carry out a bank robbery. Witnesses saw the robbers lift a drain cover and smash the windows of the bank. And make off with over £100k of loot. But what the robbers didn't count on was the very distinctive personalised number plate (J4 MES) that stood out like a sore thumb.

Cars and number plates at Melton Mowbray

Last night I popped across to Melton Mowbray for an informal gathering of cars and motorbikes. It was a stunning evening - so it had to be top down, shades on, loud music... as i whizzed along the country lanes down to Melton in my little MX-5. Fab :) I'm not really a petrol head, but I do love cars. I see cars as works of art - with lots of character and amazing shapes and lines. Being a girlie, what goes on under the bonnet doesn't really push any buttons (pardon the pun!) for me.


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