Personalised number plate car write-off

What happens to your personalised number plate if your car is written off?

This week a close friend of mine was unfortunate enough to be involved in a major car accident. Thankfully, she walked away in one piece. Aside from the obvious shock, whiplash injuries, and consequent headaches, she's OK.

The car accident was severe enough, though, for her car insurance company to write off a one-year old Mercedes SLK. Ouch.

Personalised number plates go up in value over time

Personalised number plates always go up in value over time...
...don't they?

As you will probably have spotted, offers free valuations for personalised number plates. Literally 100's of number plates are valued each day. Occasionally, we get a query about the valuations we send out, asking for clarification or insight into how we've arrived at the valuation. And we're always happy to do that.

One such query this week has inspired this blog.

5 tips for selling personalised number plates

Selling personalised number plates is a bit of a mystery to most of us. At any time, there are literally 10,000's number plates for sale. So how do you know whether your is going to sell? Who is going to buy it? And how do you go about trying to sell a personalised registration plate? Here are our 5 tips for selling a personalised number plate:

Personalised Number Plates - the selling dilemma

Own a personalised number plate? Trying to decide whether it's worth selling? Or should you just let it go with the car? It's a dilemma faced by thousands of owners. Usually when they come to sell their car. They decide they don't want to keep the personalised number plate, but are left wondering whether it's worth retaining it. If your number plate is worth a £1000+, it's usually a no-brainer. Retain the personalised number plate, and sell the car.

Gareth GOT his personal number plate

Gareth couldn't resist this personalised registration plate when it came up for sale: GOT 1.

Get it? Got one. Got a personal registration plate. Well, if I still need to explain it.....hmmm!

He liked this registration number so much, he's 'got' a little collection going.... adding to GOT 1 with more cherished number plates GOT 69 and and GOT 1T.


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